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Who We Are

The Australian British Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1910, is the leading independent organisation in Australia promoting, fostering and furthering trade and investment between Australia and the United Kingdom.

Our programme of events, public policy contributions and network of decision-makers provides our Members opportunities to further their business interests by connecting, engaging and influencing leaders and key decision-makers in both private and public sectors.

What We Do

  • Introductions to key influencers and decision makers
  • Platform for introductions to our extensive membership and business community
  • Policy dialogues on an array of sectoral interests, including the recently concluded Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement
  • Industry expert seminars and thought leadership
  • Programme of bilateral delegations to the United Kingdom and Australia

Our Offerings



In an increasingly globalised world, connectivity remains a key driver for business success. That is why we prioritise partnership across industries, helping to connect the public and private sectors, and facilitating strong bonds between business professionals, government bodies and other key decision-makers.



We are a trusted intermediary between government and business, and are thus primary advocates for our Members on both a micro and macro scale. Through both our diverse event programme and a host of public policy contributions, we provide our Members with a seat at the table.



Our objective is to assist Members in enacting the changes they would like to see in the wider Australian and British business community. We do so by providing Members with a means of engaging with a variety of government offices, trade experts, other Chambers of Commerce and thought-leaders.

Our Services

Three great reasons to join the Australian British Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Events and networking
  2. Information and connections
  3. Publications and promotion opportunities

The ABCC provides an opportunity for business development for companies with trade and investment interests in Australia, the UK or bilaterally.

Through our expansive annual events calendar, we hold events across Australia at all levels, such as invitation-only CEO boardroom lunches; business lunches and breakfasts with high profile industry leaders; networking evenings; sports events and cultural evenings.

Our Members can broadcast their business activities and access one another through our monthly newsletters, social channels, online business directory and Quarterly magazine.

We work closely with the British Consulate-Generals in Australia and have links to relevant UK-based organisations, suppliers and government agencies through our association with UK Department for International Trade, the British Government’s trade promotion and investment service in Australia. We can provide introductions to senior staff of the British Consulate-Generals in Australia and their British-based counterparts.

The Australia-United Kingdom Relationship

The relationship between Australia and the UK is significant. We share both history and culture; government, legal and financial institutions; language and sporting ties. We have shared security interests and a significant bilateral trade and investment history.

Bilateral trade stands at more than $815 billion, Australia’s eighth largest trading relationship. The United Kingdom is the second largest source of foreign investment in Australia, valued at $574.8 billion. The total Australian investment in the United Kingdom was $507.4 billion in 2019, the second most important foreign investment destination.*

This relationship forms the basis of the Chamber’s business model.

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