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Thursday 23, May 2024
00:00 - 14:30 AEST
BDO Sydney, Main Office, Level 11, 1 Margaret Street Sydney, NSW, 2000, , Australia
Business Lunch

Hear direct from NSW Planning Minister, The Hon Paul Scully MP, on Government ambitions for housing growth and the critical role for private investment and development. We will also be joined by: 

  • Trina Jones, NSW Rental Commissioner
  • Gail Connolly PSM, Chief Executive Officer, City of Parramatta
  • Andres Reith, National Real Estate & Construction Leader, BDO
  • Dr Mike Turner, Director, Freshwater Strategy
  • Ivan Harbour, Senior Design Partner, RSHP
  • Gary White, Chief Planner, Solve Property

From transport hubs, rezonings and reform on housing types to how affordable housing fits in the mix and the winning models that deliver. The lay of the land unpacked!

Parramatta 2050 - Have your say!

To chart a course for Parramatta’s continued transformation into a global city, the City of Parramatta has prepared draft Parramatta 2050.

Draft Parramatta 2050
is the City of Parramatta’s long term strategic vision which leverages the city’s key assets and outlines the big opportunities for Parramatta now and into the future. It aims to establish Parramatta as the best place to live, invest, and build a city that offers a world of opportunity.

Have your say on draft Parramatta 2050, the long-term strategic vision that positions Parramatta as a vibrant hub delivering exciting opportunities for generations to come!

Visit Participate Parramatta to have your say on draft Parramatta 2050.

The Hon Paul Scully MP

Minister for Planning & Public Spaces | Member for Wollongong - NSW Government

Minister for Planning & Public Spaces | Member for Wollongong

Trina Jones

NSW Rental Commissioner - NSW Government

NSW Rental Commissioner

Gail Connolly

Chief Executive Officer - City of Parramatta

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Mike Turner

Director - Freshwater Strategy


Gary White

Chief Planner - Solve Property

Chief Planner

Ivan Harbour

Partner - RSHP