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Thursday 5, September 2024
16:00 - 17:00 AEST
Online Event

In 2050 AI will not be the future. It will be our everyday reality, shaping how we work, rest and play​. Join us to learn about AI becoming integral to the future of work.

We will explore current sentiment and provide constructive insight into how all stakeholders can feel they are participating in the AI revolution and how confidence can be built, in the context of businesses and the ecosystems in which they operate. Included in our exploration:

- What are the critical steps businesses need to take to progress trust in AI as a force for good?
- Considering the potential of AI, what are its biggest opportunities to deliver impact in Australia?
- What are and what can organizations be doing now to prepare for the even more advanced AI that is coming down the track?
- Their role in building trust across the wider AI ecosystem (employees, supply chain, customers)?
- How can we get the best result from AI and from people using AI?
- What skills are needed to run AI in a business effectively?
- How can the business community maximize the advantages from AI while minimizing harms?


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Dushyant Sanathara

Head of Digital Trust, APAC - BSI Group

Head of Digital Trust, APAC

Dr Elea Wurth

Leading Partner for Trustworthy AI - Deloitte

Leading Partner for Trustworthy AI