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02 July 2018

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09 October 2018

Upcoming Event - Conference

19 November 2018

Cyber Security - The challenge of the 21st century

Sydney, 19 Sep 2017

As seen through recent ransomware attacks in the news, the Cyber threat is real. The greatest challenge that governments, businesses – big or small - and individuals face, is how to protect what’s important as the threat landscape continues...

Beer Tasting at BridgeClimb

The Rocks, Sydney, 13 Sep 2017

Join the ABCC and the Australian British Expats Club for an evening of beer and cheese tasting at BridgeClimb.

Contrary to popular belief, beer is an incredible cheese accompaniment as there are many similarities between the science of...

The Art of Performance Tour with Jaguar

Perth, 31 Aug 2017

Jaguar has invited the ABCC's network to participate in the Art of Performance Tour from 31 August - 3 September.

This is not just a test drive, it's a chance for guests to push themselves and Jaguar to the limits through exciting...

Brisbane Whisky Tasting

Brisbane, 24 Aug 2017

Join Chamber Members and guests for another popular Whisky Tasting evening. The tasting will be led by industry experts from Whisky Live who will explain distilling processes, different ingredients used, and the effect these have on the flavour...