The Road to Cyber Resilience 2021 (Melbourne)

Melbourne, 13 May 2021

Cyber threats are ever-growing and continue to challenge businesses. Yet, many organisations today do not manage cyber risks strategically, leaving themselves susceptible to malicious actors.

At this afternoon seminar, our...

KPMG Budget Breakfast

Sydney, 12 May 2021

The Australian British Chamber of Commerce, together with KPMG, will host our 12th Annual Federal Budget Breakfast following the 2021 Budget announcement.

Our expert panel will guide you through the complexities and subtleties in the...

On the Path to Net Zero

Perth, 06 May 2021

With every Australian State and Territory Government having signed up to be net zero by 2050, many organisations are grappling with the challenges of reducing their carbon footprint. Industries from agriculture, mining, manufacturing through to...

Sir Lynton Crosby AO, CEO, C|T Group

Sydney, 04 May 2021

Sir Lynton Crosby is an internationally renowned campaign strategist and the Co-Founder and CEO of the C|T group, which delivers powerful, targeted solutions built on the foundation of research and insights into the highest levels of business,...

After the Pandemic

National, 27 Apr 2021

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been significant economic events and shifts in public sentiment. With the vaccine rollout now underway across the world, some aspects of life are returning to normal while others are changed...

Sydney Autumn Drinks

Sydney, 21 Apr 2021

We may have had to delay our annual evening event to kick off the new year, our Sydney Summer Drinks, but we are certain it will be no less enjoyable.
This April, join us for the Sydney Autumn Drinks to see one another in person at...