Disrupting The Future - Technology Panel

Melbourne, 19 Aug 2015

All CEO's are looking over their shoulder to see whether the next wave of disruptive technology will hit their organisation. Leaders from all sectors need to understand and engage with the threats to their business-as-usual model posed by the...

Global Trade Corporate Lunch

Sydney, 17 Aug 2015

Pascal Lamy is the Honorary President of NotreEurope, and former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation. He is one of the world’s most prominent figures on global trade issues, Mr Lamy will address a corporate...

BT's Innovation Showcase

Sydney, 12 Aug 2015

Members and guests enjoyed an evening of networking, drinks and canapés at BT’s Innovation Showcase, a state of the art facility that allows you to experience the latest technology.  Guests participated in a demonstration of BT’s new...

Lynton Crosby AO & Mark Textor, C|T Group

Sydney, 06 Aug 2015

On Thursday, 6 August, the Chamber hosted a lunch with 150 members and their guests at the Westin Sydney.

Our featured speakers, Lynton Crosby AO and Mark Textor of C|T Group, and panel moderator:...

The Rebalancing of China

Melbourne, 29 Jul 2015

A frank and informative exchange of ideas from our panel looked at several aspects of Australia's business relationship with China. The discussion drew on the personal experiences of the speakers and covered the areas of resources and deal...

Melbourne Whisky Tasting

Melbourne, 23 Jul 2015

An unusual evening was enjoyed tasting a local, Australian whisky - Starward.

Utilising centuries of knowledge and tradition, yet not restricted by it, Starward is the brainchild of David Vitale who set out to harness the very best of...