Vanya Kumar, Executive Director, Energy, VIC DELWP

Melbourne, 09 Sep 2020

Renewable Energy – a generational change

The Victorian Government has set ambitious targets for both renewable energy generation and emissions reduction, which are helping to drive generational change in the way we view, use and...

The Hon Ben Wyatt MLA, Treasurer of Western Australia

Perth, 03 Sep 2020

The Treasurer will provide an economic and fiscal update on the Western Australian Government’s response to the challenges of this pandemic and initiatives taken to stimulate commercial growth post-COVID-19. The Government has allocated an...

"Virtual" Meet the Member (National)

National, 26 Aug 2020

The ABCC invites members and guests to join us for another late afternoon virtual meet up. What better way to hear some of our members share their expertise while we connect virtually and learn from each other.

There are 10 time slots of...