Visa Executive

Individual Membership

At Visa Executive, we specialise in immigration law, providing international visa solutions to corporate clients and their relocating employees.

As an international immigration consultancy, our desire is to assist HR practitioners and Line Managers meet time frames and receive the service that makes their jobs easier. For this reason, we build relationships with our corporate clients and advise them how and when immigration law will affect their business.

Visa Executive's website acts as a directory of information on global immigration procedures and the related areas of mobility management. Our site allows clients to track the immigration progress of an application and follow the steps that have been taken during the process.

Clients may also utilise the on-line checklists that specify the documents that we require and are kept updated with regular newsletters that outline immigration policy changes.

Services available to corporate clients

•           Advice and guidance on immigration policy, sponsorship/petition obligations and undertakings On-site client training
•           Immigration updates pertinent to HR practitioners
•           Assistance in ensuring compliance with immigration monitoring requirements, if applicable
•           Preparation, collation and submission of applications for business visitor visas, temporary work permits and permanent residence applications

For more information, please email Amanda Tinner or visit the website

State: VIC
Industry: Migration