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“Avoir la banane… Have a banana smile!”

There is a French expression which can literally be translated to “smile like a banana”. The idea behind this business is to give each other smiles through gift boxes that offer unique experiences, so it only seemed fitting to call it BananaLab | Banana, for the smiles and Lab, for the experiences!

Our names are Tom and Eric, and we first came up with the concept of BananaLab on our way back to Melbourne after spending the day surfing in Torquay.

We’re both very active people who love travelling, soaking up the outdoors, trying new restaurants and generally living fun, fulfilling lifestyles. We were both working for large corporations and really wanted to do something better with our lives!

Why not work for ourselves, in an industry that allows us to be happy and to make others happy? We agreed that we wanted to find a way to share our passion for trying new things, being active and going on adventures.

We noticed there were no good options to offer fun experiences in Australia; going online to buy someone a $100 voucher and print it on a piece of paper to give them isn’t very “sexy” … The same applies to gift cards – having the price written right there on the card is a bit of a gift killer, isn’t it?

We wanted to create something that would allow anyone to offer experiences in a nice way.

We wanted to preserve that magical moment when you receive a gift and your eyes start sparkling, and a smile lights up your face. This is how we came up with the idea of Multi-Choice Experience Gift Boxes.

As the idea blossomed, we also wanted to create a business that is eco-friendly, supports small businesses and helps people explore the best experiences in their own community.

State: VIC
Industry: Retail & Consumer Product