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Our rail experts have transformed the performance of Britain’s railway…they can help you transform yours

Network Rail Consulting is the wholly owned international consultancy arm of Network Rail, the owner and operator of Britain’s mainline railway. Uniquely, Network Rail Consulting has access to the full range of technical expertise and experience within Network Rail. In delivering operational, maintenance, planning and technical services for the UK railway, Network Rail Consulting’s consultancy team makes available the comprehensive technical expertise and operational experience of Network Rail.

Network Rail, the owner and operator of Britain’s rail infrastructure, has transformed the country’s railways. We’ve revitalized our aging infrastructure, built world-class track, signals & stations and modernized our operations. Today, we help people take more than 1.7bn journeys by rail every year - double the number of 1996.

In Britain, the operation of railway infrastructure is separated from the operation of train services - Network Rail owns and operates Britain’s railway infrastructure. Our railway network is heavily used by over thirty passenger and freight train operators - the most open railway in the world; Britain’s railways are also the fastest growing and the safest in Europe.

Network Rail’s job is to keep it running every day and continuously maintain, enhance and expand the network. Our main responsibility is to accommodate many train operators on our network, whose performance depends on ours. We're investing £50bn in the railway to deliver more frequent, more reliable, safer services and brighter and better stations. All of this with minimal disruption on one of the world's busiest railways.

The European Commission recently acknowledged (2013) how far the UK’s railway has been transformed over the last 12 years, comparing our performance with other European operators and finding the UK rail network to be the fastest growing, most improved and safest in Europe.

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