Corporate Membership

Apteco is a world class software supplier committed to producing the best marketing data analysis and campaign automation software available.   Over the past 30-years, our range of software products (the Apteco Marketing Suite™), has adapted to fit with everchanging technologies enabling clients to communicate effectively with their customers. 

These changes have seen clients move from mail and fixed advertising hoardings to digital media, and ‘real-time’ responses in social media.  More importantly the expansion in the volumes of data being collected has demonstrated how our products allow users to quickly and easily handle ‘Big Data’, to create intuitive insights and data visualisations.

Information is becoming more readily available, and the types of organisations implementing data-driven marketing techniques has expended significantly.  Consequently, the Apteco Marketing Suite™ is being used to provide solutions across a broad cross-section of industries including; Banking & Finance, Travel & Leisure, Charities, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, and Sport.

To understand more about our products please visit our website:  www.apteco.com.au

State: NSW
Industry: Information & Communication Technology