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GoldSpring Consulting: About Us

GoldSpring Consulting is an independent consultancy that provides services to support all aspects of managed travel programs, including software solutions to analyze and benchmark programs. GoldSpring’s industry-leading team of experts brings over 200 years of experience and
creates custom solutions for their clients’ travel needs. For more information about GoldSpring Consulting and its services, please visit the company website at

Our Services
GoldSpring has strategically assembled a team of experts that enables us to offer a full suite of travel management services to our clients. We offer services in the following categories of travel management:
• Travel Management Strategy
• Supplier Satisfaction Management
• Travel Management Company (TMC) Assessment and Sourcing
• Outsourced Travel Management
• Travel Policy
• Online Booking Tool (OBT) Assessment and Sorucing
• Airline Program Assessment and Sourcing
• Hotel Program Assessment and Sourcing
• Corporate Payment Assessment and Sourcing
• Meetings and Events Program Assessment and Sourcing
• Ground Transportation Assessment and Sourcing

Industry: Consulting & Strategy