First Team First

Individual Membership

Doing more with less, increased competition, demanding customers and disengaged employees – all in a day’s work for the 21st Century Manager.  Senior leaders often get caught up in the day to day running of their respective teams, at the expense of the leadership team they are part of.  So much is dependent on the strength and stability of the first team of the business – engagement, productivity, safety.

1st Team First strengthens the leadership team’s existing foundation and equips them with the resources to gain a higher return on intelligence (ROI).  We provide:

  •          A unique understanding of the current performance of the Leadership Team
  •          Techniques to fully leverage the experience of each team member
  •          Insight into the collective intelligence of the team
  •          A clear purpose, defined behaviours and focus on the way forward.

What’s your leadership team doing?

Industry: Consulting & Strategy