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NegotiationWise®, provider of negotiation and influencing capability, designed for Complex Negotiations with Commercial Focus. The goal is to improve an organisation’s negotiation & influencing capability through:

  • Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Capability packages, and
  • Advanced Professional Training programs

Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Capability packages are designed to provide an organisation with structured process, practical skills, and improved capability that equips the organisation with a distinct advantage.

Our Advanced Professional Training programs enables your team to achieve measured success. Utilising Simple Complexity® concept, our focus is on developing a practical negotiation solution to achieve commercial success. 

The intensive syllabus covers How to Prepare to Negotiate and How to Negotiate, followed by How to Measure Success, resulting in a strong improvement to business profitability.

The approach: PLAN | ENGAGE | DECIDE

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State: VIC
Industry: Consulting & Strategy