Cure Cancer Australia

Official Charity Partner

Cure Cancer Australia leads the way in funding emerging cancer research.

We fund the research stars of tomorrow who are fearless in their pursuit of innovation and the development of ground-breaking ideas.

Our fifty years of experience tells us that this is where our work will have the greatest impact. We’ve awarded over 471 grants to 308 researchers who have achieved significant discoveries in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many cancers. We fund research into all types of cancer because we want to see an end to them all.

Curing cancer is an enormous task - one that cannot be achieved by researchers alone.

It demands the collective dedication, passion and willingness of every one of us to help find a cure.

Our researchers are investing their skills in our future. We need to invest in theirs. If you’re able, we welcome your support, as do the researchers whose life saving work we fund.

State: NSW
Industry: Not-for-profit