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Capital Economics is one of the world’s leading independent economic research companies. We provide country and regional research on the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Japan, China, India, Latin America, Emerging Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Emerging Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We also provides overview services covering the global economy and financial markets, and have dedicated services on commodities and the property sector.

Founded in 1999, we have gained an enviable reputation for original and insightful analysis and have built up a diverse and distinguished client base. More than 1,500 institutions subscribe to our publications. The majority are in the financial sector, including some of the world’s largest investment banks and wealth managers, as well as smaller and more specialist firms.

Capital Economics frequently tops polls of the most accurate forecasters and in 2012 it won the prestigious Wolfson Economics Prize, the second-largest cash economics prize in the world after the Nobel Prize. We offer support to clients in their respective time-zones through offices in Sydney, Toronto, New York, London and Singapore.

To receive a free trial of our services or to attend one of our seminars in Sydney please contact Alexander Klimov (, +61 2 9083 6809).

State: NSW
Industry: Banking, Insurance & Financial Services