Mark Textor, Co-founder of The Crosby Textor Group

Melbourne, 23 August 2017

Boardroom Lunch - Invitation only

Mark Textor, Co-founder of The Crosby Textor Group

Mark Textor believes that for a decade now voters have been through the roller-coaster of their lives; seemingly constant leadership changes in federal and state politics, the GFC, massive structural changes in the economy and their wage and job horizons, with the loss of manufacturing jobs in the south and a fall in the fortunes of the resources industry in the north-east and west, shocking terror events and other social and technological upheavals.

Who in the political and the policy community is equipped to deal with these challenges? What are the political solutions?  

Mark will share his thoughts at the ABCC's private Boardroom lunch hosted by Ashurst.

Some further information :
Mark “Tex” Textor’s record of success speaks for itself. Best known for his strategic insights, he has held the unique position of being the pollster and electoral strategist behind the election victories for seven Commonwealth Prime Ministers over scores of elections.

Described by Channel 4 in the UK as “one of the most influential political strategists and pollsters to walk the planet”, and in Australia as “… A genius at transforming raw research into compelling communication”. Former London Mayor and now Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson, who has sought Tex’s counsel on two successful campaigns, confirmed this view; describing Tex as the “sorcerer of numbers”.

The Australian Financial Review 2016 Covert Power List said of Tex: “his significance cannot ever be underrated, either his influence on the shaping of a political environment, or the advice he gives to corporates and other interested parties who seek his advice”.


Wednesday 23 August 2017
12:15pm - 2:00pm


L26, 181 William Street