Charles Bowman, The Lord Mayor of London (Melbourne)

Melbourne, 15 February 2018

Business Lunch

The Lord Mayor of London (Melbourne)

Professional & Financial Services in a Post Brexit Environment

The UK is the leading exporter of financial services across the world, with a trade surplus of £72bn. London houses more foreign banks, and accounts for more international bank lending, than any other centre. The UK also offers exceptional maritime services, Islamic finance, legal services, insurance, education, and infrastructure financing and delivery. Together, financial and professional services employ over 2.2m people across the UK, including 1.4m outside London. 

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, the City of London has a unique opportunity to re-evaluate and strengthen its international trading relationships. 

As Lord Mayor of the City of London, Charles Bowman’s address to the Chamber will provide clarity around the Australia/UK trading relationship and highlight the opportunities that will arise for it. 

His address will showcase UK expertise, innovation and best practice in financial and professional services. He will highlight the export and investment opportunities in innovation (fintech and cyber), asset management and infrastructure and promote the UK as the partner of choice for Green Finance initiatives.  

Alderman Charles Bowman took office as the 690th Lord Mayor of the City of London in November 2017. Charles Bowman is a senior partner with PwC. He is Alderman of the Lime Street Ward and served as Sheriff of the City of London in 2015/16.

Following his keynote address, the Lord Mayor of the City of London will join a panel to discuss these opportunities with representatives of the sector. 


  • The Rt Hon Alderman Charles Bowman - Lord Mayor of the City of London
  • Brett Jollie - Managing Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Alastair Lukies CBE, - Founder, Motive Partners & HMG Fintech Ambassador
  • Moderator: Zoe McKenzie - Principal, Trade and Investment Advisory


Thursday 15 February 2018


1 Parliament Square, off Parliament Place