Evening Networking

How to Go Global Day One

Do you want your business to be Global Day 1? Do you dream of expanding across the continents effortlessly?

As you may have already figured out by the time you read this it’s easier said than done.

At this one-of-a-kind event Dearin & Associates and Catapult jointly present

  • The roadmap for how to go global

  • How do you plot the path to be successful?

  • How much capital is required?

  • Where can I get some realistic help?

Not only that but Dearin and Catapult bring onto the stage people that have gone before you and successfully scaled businesses internationally ... and survived to tell the tale.

Open for your every question.

Dearin and Catapult see businesses every month that are scaling internationally, so it’s now time to reveal the inner workings of the machine: what do these businesses do in order to achieve just that?

The format of the evening

  • Meet&Greet: Drinks and networking
  • Keynote 1: What it takes to go global and how to create a pathway for success (with Cynthia Dearin)
  • Keynote 2: The pathway to “Funded!” - so you can take the global markets by storm (with Mike Boorn Plener)
  • Food service: Get one-on-one insights with the experts
  • Panel Q&A: Ask your toughest questions
  • Networking: Meet other aspiring global players and chat 1:1 with the experts

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Wednesday 11 April 2018
5:30pm - 8:30pm