David Neal, Managing Director, The Future Fund

Melbourne, 17 June 2015

Business Lunch

David Neal, Managing Director, The Future Fund

'Long-term investing in a volatile world'

In a rare speech the Managing Director of the $117 billion Future Fund, David Neal, firstly described how the Fund operated and the parameters within which they operate.  He then very openly laid out the investing objectives and how the portfolio is managed to respond to the the changing landscape.

Among the many areas he also touched on were investment manager fees; how  the Fund was more inclined at the moment to reduce risk than chase return and that 70% of the portfolio was invested offshore including $9bn in Britain.  The Future Fund owns just less than 20% of Gatwick Airport, so its worth flying through there.

The Chamber would like to thank the event partners -  Aberdeen Asset Managment and KPMG - for their support.

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Wednesday 17 June 2015
12:00pm - 2:00pm


Park Hyatt Hotel, 1 Parliament Place