Australian British Health Catalyst (ABHC) 2019

HEALTHCARE CONSUMERISATION - understanding the transformation 

  • Understanding cost;
  • Understanding benefits;
  • Co-ordinating and delivering care.


  • The Australian British Health Catalyst (ABHC) is designed to facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas and experience in healthcare in Australia and the UK. 

Participants in the programme will be Healthcare leaders from Australia & the UK. Health care professionals, Technology and research experts, financiers, public health administrators, private health executives, academics and innovators will be represented.


  • Supporting the Business Objectives of the Australian Healthcare industry.
  • Aligning the Australian and UK healthcare sectors through shared best practice against a back drop of advancing technology, Brexit and a potential future free trade agreement.


You can find out more about the delegation and to register, download the program: click here.

Major and supporting sponsorships are available, please contact


From Monday 08 July 2019 to Thursday 11 July 2019
8:30am - 5:30pm