Advanced Manufacturing for the Future

Melbourne, 11 October 2017

Business Lunch

Advanced Manufacturing for the Future

Australia has been the home to many of the world’s great innovations and until recently, Australia has also seen itself as a country of great manufacturing capability. While the  press coverage of the end of car assembly by Holden, Toyota and Ford in Australia has been overblown, Australia continues to forge ahead both in R&D and in the delivery of advanced manufacturing capability. 

Highlighted by investments from some of the largest companies in the Australian British relationship, not least of which was the $100M announced by Astra Zeneca during the Prime Minister’s visit to the UK in July, Australia continues to develop and grow manufacturing opportunities and to take leadership of those opportunities for our future in a globally connected marketplace. To do so we must embrace the ability of our people, be innovative, drive engineering & manufacturing excellence, deliver products with commercial returns for shareholders and jobs for Australians.

Join the panel Heidi Krebs: formerly  COO, Cablex & non-executive director for Aviation/Aerospace Australia; the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce & SME Ambassador AAMC; Dr Mark Priest: Industrial Advisor, The Department for International Trade (UK); Matthew Wiesner: Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover Australia and moderator Dr Keith McLean: Director, CSIRO Manufacturing, for a conversation about how Australia can learn from the experiences in the UK and our own opportunities to build and grow our advanced manufacturing sector.

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Heidi Krebs - has spent over 29 years in contract manufacturing environments.  As co-owner and director she has overseen Cablex’s growth having established its initial capability and  managed its development to be recognised globally for manufacturing excellence in the most technically adept defence and aeronautical marketplace. Heidi now works as a non-executive director and industry consultant.   She is a Director of the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is the NED Ambassador for the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council.

Dr Mark Priest -  Mark is a trade and inward investment advisor working with the UK’s DIT to support corporate investors in the advanced manufacturing, engineering, energy, chemicals and oil and gas sectors.  His role is to guide and support technology intensive corporations that are seeking to do business in the UK by making sure they get access to the wide range of mechanisms and resources that the British Government can provide.  Mark sits on a number of industry boards in the UK including the Aerospace Growth Partnership, Cambridge Enterprise Ltd (the technology commercialisation function at Cambridge University), Camses Ltd, Dispersia Ltd, Harogate Partners Ltd, Chemicals Industry growth team and has advisory roles with the European Commission Technology Directorate in Brussels and Innovate UK.  His technology interests include oil & gas, advanced materials, clean energy, health, transport, sensors, autonomous systems, medical devices, FMCG, clean tech, and advanced manufacturing.

Matthew Wiesner - joined JLRA in 2014 and was elevated to the role of Managing Director in early 2015. Matthew has extensive automotive industry experience having worked with German, Japanese and American manufacturers in a career spanning over 25 years.
Under Matthew’s leadership, Jaguar Land Rover Australia continues to grow and evolve as a serious player in the premium luxury market. JLRA achieved an outstanding sales result in the 2016/17 fiscal year, at a compound growth rate of 11%.

Keith McLean - Director of CSIRO Manufacturing, a position he has held since July 2014. In his role he leads around 400 scientists and engineers working with company and academic collaborators to deliver value in the areas of chemical, biomedical and advanced manufacturing. In particular, CSIRO Manufacturing collaborates with a range of innovative and globally focussed Australian SME’s, for example, Anatomics, Oventus, Tomcar, MiniFab, Medical Developments International, Norwood, Solafast, Baraja and GreatCell Solar to name a few. CSIRO Manufacturing also offers access to globally competitive infrastructure for companies, for example its Clayton Lab22 Additive Manufacturing Facility (Melbourne) and its Lindfield (Sydney) Laboratory houses a range of start-up companies and a biomedical incubator (Fledge).


Wednesday 11 October 2017
12:00pm - 2:00pm


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