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Founded in 1996, EC Sustainable is a leading sustainability, waste and resource recovery consultancy with clients across Australia and with capacity in international operations in UK and USA. We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Waste, sustainability and resource recovery strategies.
  • Waste plans for development applications.
  • Waste, recycling and litter audits
  • Waste and recycling data analysis and projections.
  • Resource recovery education, stakeholder engagement, community consultations and research.
  • Procurement – waste and recycling contract and tender review, development and evaluation.
  • Sustainability audits – energy, water and waste.

Our multi-disciplinary team assists private sector, public sector and community organisations with a range of these and other services across the waste, sustainability and resource recovery portfolios.

T: 1300 WASTE 0 (1300 927 830)



Consulting & Strategy

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SME Membership