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UK trade minister's quest begins with hiring negotiators

Tue Jul 26, 2016 | 7:04 PM BST

By Jonathan Spicer and David Henry | NEW YORK

This article first appeared at Reuters.


The minister taking the first tricky steps to re-negotiating Britain's trade deals in a post-Brexit world said on Tuesday he is taking a methodical approach and first needs to ramp up his staff to around 300, from 40 now, over the next few months.

Mark Price, the UK's Minister of State for Trade and Investment, said in an interview in New York that he was meeting with U.S. policymakers and investors to start imagining what "the shape of" free trade agreements may be once Britain ultimately leaves the European Union.

Britons voted last month to leave the block and Price, who had campaigned against such a move, stressed it would take time since formal negotiations with a swath of countries from the United States to China to Turkey cannot begin before more is known about Britain's ultimate relationship with the EU.

For a start, his department needs to bulk up with negotiators and others.

"We've just started the process now, we're building our organizational structure, recruiting the people to come in. You can't do that overnight," he told Reuters, adding: "We think 300 is where we need to get to."...


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