08 Feb

State-of-the-art Optus Stadium opens in Perth

The new stadium is the third largest venue in Australia, with a capacity for 60,000 spectators, that delivers an exceptional atmosphere and experience – whether supporters are watching cricket, Australian rules football, union and rugby league, athletics, soccer or entertainment events.

Arup was commissioned to deliver multidisciplinary engineering services, including civilgeotechnicalstructuralfaçade and traffic engineering, pitch design and pedestrian modelling.


“The stadium development was a testament to our successful global approach, deploying the very best engineering and technical expertise to deliver the architectural vision. Working collaboratively with the contractors and supply chain, we have developed well-considered engineering solutions that were efficient, elegant and safe to manufacture, build and use. ”

Arup’s BIM specialists developed an overall design, construction, operation and maintenance strategy for the project in conjunction with the stadium builder Multiplex, which resulted in a robust and efficient delivery process.

The bowl design for the multi-purpose oval brings fans closer to the field which is typically achieved in only a rectangular configuration and incorporates options for reconfiguration for future events such as international athletics events, consistent with the requirements of a Commonwealth Games. The oval designers worked with playing surface industry experts and together developed a series of pitch solutions for not only the Stadium but also the Stadium’s drop-in cricket wickets and the community oval in the north of the surrounding Stadium Park.

For the façade design Arup applied a very lean series of façade solutions – multi-layered rain screens. The façade prototypes were produced to confirm requirements and test for additional efficiencies in design and construction that could be incorporated into the final solutions.  A testament to engineering ingenuity, the bronze façade, made of anodised aluminium, reflects the State’s unique geology and is intertwined with LED lighting, which can show the home-team colours.

The state-of-the-art facility is located on the Burswood Peninsula, on the banks of the Swan River and in close proximity to the city centre.  The stadium is surrounded by Stadium Park which feature several children’s playgrounds, a community oval in the north of the precinct, plus restaurant, a cafe and bar facilities, which are all available on both event and non-event days. A unique Whadjuk and Noongar Aboriginal heritage component has been incorporated into the design for community members to come together and explore.

 Therese Raft, Australasia Press Office,Sydney

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