13 Dec

Partner Visa migration services simplified

Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association

This week, the Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (AMAILA) is excited to unveil its newly redesigned Comparison Service. They have now created a platform where individuals and business can access quality migration agents and immigration lawyers at a fraction of the cost.

The Australian government has lately raised the visa application charges for partner visas which has resulted in applicants not being able to afford quality migration advice. This has unfortunately resulted in a spike of refusals for partner visas.

The Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association has recognised the issue and introduced a Special for family stream visas – extending offers for partner and parent visa options.

The new comparison feature on AMAILA’s platform  www.ask-an-agent.com.au/compare-migration-agent-fees  allows migrants and businesses to easily seek online assistance from a network of registered migration agents and immigration lawyers. This turns the migration industry on its head by stepping away from face to face meetings and by bringing the migration professionals to the customer.

The client can compare prices, service levels and other features of the quotes in one easy step  -  allowing them to make a quick and informed decision on who to engage.

When you get a chance, take a few minutes to have a look—we think you’ll love where it leads you!


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