25 Jan

New faces for the Australian British Relationship: Michael Ward and David Watson

This week we welcome Michael Ward to his new post as he formally replaces Nick McInnes as the British Consul-General in Sydney and the Director-General UK Trade & Investment for Australia and New Zealand.

Since the newsletter in November, David Watson has now commenced his post as Senior Trade Commissioner for Australia based in Australia House, London.

Both he (L) and David Watson (R) are pictured here with the new Australian Deputy High Commissioner to London, Matt Anderson (C), at an event celebrating the close ties in the Australian British relationship.

These changes come after the recent appointments of Chris Holtby as the Victorian Consul-General with responsibilities for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, in September 2016 and Joanne Freeman as Director of Trade for Australia and New Zealand in October 2016.

In case you missed it, Catherine Woo, who formerly served as the Investment Director for Victoria’s office, is now CEO of our sister business in the UK currently known as Australian Business UK, Australian-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce.

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