14 Aug

Australian CEOs are focusing on compliance

Do you proactively manage your Contractors?


I would like you to take just a few moments to consider how your workplace interacts with your contractors… The cleaners, security guards, IT support, Electricians, A/C Maintenance – even the photo copy maintenance people… Who are the people you readily admit onto your workplace without considering your exposure to personal risk?

Responding to Regulation change is a ‘Top 3 priority ‘for Australian CEO’s according to the latest KPMG ‘Global CEO Outlook 2017: The outlook for Australia”.

Back in the carefree (high injury) 80’s I used to clamber effortlessly up a fully extended double extension ladder, toolbox on my shoulder, a power tool and extension lead in the other hand. My ‘Dunlop Volleys’ provided all the security and ‘safety’ I needed – indeed it was the shoe of choice for anyone working on roofs. At $15 from Kmart, they were a bargain. 

My contractors and staff threw additional tools up to me from the ground, occasionally missing a catch and making them duck for the return to earth journey. I happily left them to their own devices. The only regulation that required my attention was the PPS (prescribed payment scheme) forms were completed properly and submitted on time. At that time, I was a principal contractor and was deemed, what the various acts refer to now, as a PCBU. A person conducting business or undertaking.

My contractor’s health and safety was really none of my concern. I employed capable contractors so why should I worry? I used to finish my tasks and head off to the next job, leaving them to complete the works on my behalf. They would in today’s definition then become the Principal Contractor. But, what training and support did I have in place that ensured they were capable and compliant?

Those days are gone. As the business owner, the WHS regulation of 2011 states that if anyone who ‘authorises the person to have management or control of the workplace and to discharge the duties of a principal contractor… the person so engaged is the principal contractor for the project.…” So, you had better have a lot of trust emplaced in your contractors. They had also better be compliant and informed.  

In another scenario, if that contractor caused a hazard, was injured or caused an injury whilst on your worksite, as the PCBU, there is a high –probable – chance that you will personally liable for fines and penalties. To make that statement clearer – everyone who is a contractor or connected to them are potentially liable.

The WHS Act 2011 considers contractors as a ‘worker’…They are your COMPLETE responsibility.

What Safety Management system do you have in place for your contractors and workers at your workplace? It is not just building sites that are high risk. Leadership & Compliance can assist with enabling your team to implement and maintain WHS systems that make your business compliant under the WHS Act 2011 and the WHS Regulation of 2011. Our courses are Nationally recognised and accredited. Participants who successfully complete them can receive credit toward a Certificate IV in WHS.

This training is provided by Leadership & Compliance partnering with and under the auspices of Safety Corp Pty Ltd RTO 91694

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