07 Mar

Ashurst's Brexit Report

By James Collis, Managing Partner, Ashurst LLP

David Cameron has announced that the UK Referendum on Brexit will take place on 23 June 2016. As we consider the potential impacts on our business I have talked to a wide range of Ashurst partners and lawyers, and I know that they have a diverse range of views as to the merits of the question. The same will be true of our clients at both an institutional and a personal level. In any event, it seems likely that uncertainty as to the outcome of the Referendum and as to the conditions of any exit will impact negatively on growth in the short term regardless of the outcome of the vote. This briefing does not attempt to determine whether that impact is justified or worthwhile. What it does do is to cut through the rhetoric to explain what a post-Brexit legal environment might look like and how this might impact on your business, as well as exploring how the possibility of Brexit is perceived by our European colleagues.

In this briefing we consider the original UK requests and the EU response, the withdrawal process and the available models for on-going relationships. We then look at a number of pervasive legal, regulatory and tax issues and the impact of Brexit on key industries, notably financial services.

Download the report HERE.

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