25 Sep

Arup to support Quay Quarter Sydney

AMP Capital has named Danish architects 3XN as the winner of its design competition for the landmark Quay Quarter Sydney development in Circular Quay.

Arup has been working with AMP Capital since project inception, providing a full multidisciplinary engineering service for the 110,000m2 precinct development. The firm has guided the project through feasibility studies, submission of the Stage 1 DA, informing the client brief and design competition.

We will continue to provide all engineering consulting services to AMP Capital and the architects through to completion, including the environmentally sustainable design of the development.

“Circular Quay is Sydney’s gateway, but it has lacked relevance in recent years – Quay Quarter is a precinct worthy of a place alongside the world’s most famous harbour. To work with AMP Capital in such a fully integrated way and consult on the project from start to finish is a unique opportunity.”

– Robert Saidman, Principal and Sydney Building Services Leader, Arup

The winning design reimagines the existing AMP Capital 50 Bridge Street tower as a series of stacked, juxtaposed forms – or ‘vertical villages’ – which rotate to maximise views of the surrounding area, including the iconic Sydney Harbour. The new Quay Quarter Tower sits amidst a broader precinct that will revitalise a significant portion of Sydney’s waterfront, opening it to the CBD and providing a new range of premium commercial, retail and residential space.

Quay Quarter Sydney spans Young, Bridge and Loftus streets in Sydney’s historic centre. 

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