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Adapt to rapidly changing customer demand with TruRating on Albert

24 August 2016

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TruRating on Albert provides simple, customer-led insights that help retailers act quickly to improve their in-store experience.

Almost all retailers agree that creating the right customer experience is important1 in building a flourishing business, and keeping pace with shifting customer needs is critical to succeeding in today’s dynamic retail environment.

According to the CommBank Retail Insights report, 76 per cent of retailers are seeing increased sales as a result of customer experience strategy, but one in three still feel they are lagging in terms of customer experience management.2 

TruRating, one of the apps available on the Albert EFTPOS tablet, allows shoppers to rate key areas of their in-store experience at the point of sale, and provides valuable data for hospitality and retail clients to make positive change within their businesses. 

Whether that’s customer service, product range or general satisfaction, the ability to ask customers for their feedback when they complete a purchase provides a powerful tool to make immediate improvements to your business.

Empowering shoppers and businesses alike

Retailers are all vying for the attention of customers, and research tells us that 82 per cent of shoppers are more likely to buy from a store where they feel like a valued customer, and almost one in two say they like to use technology to make their experience more efficient.3

TruRating is well placed to deliver to these needs, seamlessly integrating with the Albert EFTPOS tablet technology to empower customers to have their say and businesses to act on it.

TruRating gives customers the ability to rate an aspect of their in-store experience by answering just one of a rotating set of questions, on a scale from 0-9. This means business owners can quickly build up an understanding of customer perceptions and view these insights in near-real time through a user-friendly analytics dashboard.

Simplifying the big data challenge

One of the biggest challenges to improving the customer experience is how and where to invest valuable resources given the pace of changing consumer expectations. For retailers, many are looking at using data driven insights as a way to better understand their customers, and put these insights to work within their businesses.

CommBank research shows that only 36 per cent of retailers feel they are above average at harnessing big data,4 which is often a result of attempting to break down multiple complex data sources to gain insights into their customers. Not surprisingly, larger businesses feel they are more equipped to harness big data but not all retailers have the budgets and skills to take advantage of the opportunities it can provide.

The simplicity of gathering feedback using TruRating, and the immediacy with which it can be captured, means any business can react quickly to what customers are saying. It is a cost and time-efficient way for businesses to make simple changes to drive sales.

With businesses increasingly looking to data driven insights to enhance their operations, and customers demanding a best in class retail experience, the TruRating app on Albert provides a simple solution to bridging this gap with only the touch of a button.

TruRating is one of an expanding suite of apps available on our leading smart payments tablet, Albert. The Albert app bank provides a range of solutions that can help you to run your business, with an open platform allowing developers and businesses to build customised apps to meet specific business needs. 

To find out more about the TruRating App go to the Pi App Bank or contact hello.australia@trurating.com

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